Kevin Fister is a lifelong resident of Indianapolis, and is a proponent of small business ownership in Indiana as a whole. With only 5 years as a storage business owner he has proven all that matters is the right process and people behind a project to make it a success.

Kevin Fister Indianapolis IN Storage

Much like Marcus Lemonis, Kevin’s approach has to been to focus on core areas of business improvement. Rather than always look at the company as separate parts he understands the unique synergies inherent that make up the much larger picture, the whole, which often separates non-competitive organizations, aka the non-profitable ones, to ones expanding, hiring and growing.

Examples of good PR/marketing coupled with a genuine concern for their fellow man in need:

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Different ain’t so bad. From our @eliteluxco 🔥

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Passion is an ever-changing ethereal buzzword best left to gurus and others who do not understand basic principles of service, or goods – buy low sell high, and provide a great customer experience, whether that means with the actual product, in this case storage, or with excellent follow up and catering, as you see in hospitality industries. We all have to serve someone, but systems are key.